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Big 5 Softball Bats

Introducing the Big stick bat series 350 metal 27 17 oz -10 softball, this bat is exquisite for any softball fan. It is durable and offers a Big stick design that will make your team look good, get one for yourself or for your team and help them out on the field.

Big 5 Softball Bats Amazon

These softball bats are unequaled for any pitcher or batter who wants to be able to hit the ball hard, the well-crafted metal design will make you more to win a game, while the 24 oz. and 2 58 barrel design will make you more to won a game, the Big 5 softball bats are sensational way to build your baseball skills. These bats are made of metal and have 24 oz, and 58 barrel. The at 24 oz, that they are metal bats will make you feel like you're an important part of the game, the 58 barrel makes this is a bat that can be used in all types of parks. With their Big barrels and strong construction, these bats will help you gain postable position in the field, the Big 5 softball bats are made of high quality metal and have a large fender on one side that extends a grip pocket on it. They are stainless all-purpose bats that come in 350 models, these bats have a large handgrip that gives the player top control and ball power. The balls played with these bats will be in top-of-the-heap condition because of the rawling's large grip.