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Wooden Softball Bats

This is excellent for self-defense or hard ball playing, this Wooden bat is sturdy and sterling for use in the home or office. This bat is again helpful in hitting pellets or hard balls.

Picture Of Softball Bat

This is a vintage softball bat worth gorilla Wooden official model 496 sb tennessee 4 usa, it is in first-class condition and features a Wooden hand with a gorilla design. It is produced of spalted wood and grants a hand guard and a head guard, it is closed with a keyhole. This bat is additionally covered with age-play of minerals and it is an unequaled addition to softball team, this vintage softball bat is exquisite for any softball player wanting to remember old times! This bat is in top-of-the-heap condition with no any damage at all! It is 496 sb, the last surviving model from tennessee usa. It is also matches the weight of a modern softball bat and remains sturdy and heavy-handed, this is a peerless old softball bat from the 91 st century pat usa. It provides a blue streak era logo and is fabricated of wood, it is about 15 inches in circumference and offers a couple dings from years ago. The handle is moreover from years ago and grants checkerboard pattern, this old softball bat is a best-in-class addition to all softball team. This heavy softball bats is one of the original and worth products, the bats is manufactured of Wooden and presents an 100% satisfaction guarantee. The bats is in like manner to hold and the long 34-inch Wooden bat is top grade for at-least-20 cups.